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MT4 Indicators & Expert Advisors


Rp4000 EA

Experience a new level of trading with our Rp4000 Expert Advisor. It operates without Martingale, Grid, Scalp or Hedge strategies but employs Take Profit (TP) & Stop Loss (SL) to ensure minimal risk.

Understanding the importance of money management and trading times, we deliver low Drawdown Percentages to protect your investments. Our EA is suitable even for accounts starting from as small as $100 and functions optimally in an H1 timeframe.

Powered by Keltner Channels Indicator, the Rp4000 EA identifies its entries seamlessly ensuring you don't miss out on profitable opportunities. While it may not trade every day adhering to its strict entry criteria, it ensures each trade counts towards consistent profitability.

Our default settings offer excellent performance on Major pairs but feel free to optimize using TickStory Data for best results tailored as per your needs.

If you're seeking a reliable and consistently profitable EA that respects your capital safety


RoyalPrince Fibonacci Indicator System

The Fibonacci System blends technical tools for informed Forex trading. Customizable Fibonacci retracement levels identify support/resistance, non-repaint arrows signal trades, oscillators spot overbought/oversold conditions, and indicators like MACD aid trend analysis. This all-in-one system helps traders manage risk and seize opportunities.

MT5 Indicators & Expert Advisors

Grid God_Mt5
Grid God_Mt5
GridGod EA

Introducing our Grid System Expert Advisor, powered by advanced trading logic. This versatile solution is designed to operate across various pairs, metals and cryptocurrencies. Optimal performance can be observed in the m5 time frame; however, for lower DrawDown (DD), use the H1 time frame. Default settings are tailored for Gold trading but feel free to backtest and customize according to your preferences.

It's crucial with a Grid Style EA not to set your maximum lot size excessively high - sound management is key. If you want to disable max Lots, simply input "0". Remember: it's all about strategy and control with our Grid System EA!

Master Indicator
Master Indicator
Master Indicator

Introducing the Royal Prince Master Non-Repaint Indicator for MT5!

This powerful indicator offers two control points, providing you with the flexibility to utilize two different indicators for signal generation. With customizable settings, you can personalize these indicators just as if you were loading them individually onto a chart.

Once a candle has closed, all the arrows displayed on the chart remain fixed and do not repaint. This ensures the reliability of the signals provided by the indicator.

And that's not all! The Royal Prince Master Non-Repaint Indicator also comes equipped with alerts to keep you informed of potential trading opportunities.

Here's a list of the diverse range of indicators you can choose from while using this indicator:

-Moving Average

-Moving Average Convergence & Divergence

-Oscillator of Moving Averages

-Stochastic Oscillator

-Relative Strength Index

-Commodity Channel Index

-Relative Vigor Index

-Average Directional Movement Index

-Triple Exponential Average

-Bollinger Bands

Upgrade your trading game with the Royal Prince Master Non-Repaint Indicator MT5 and unlock a world of possibilities!